SCC 2008!

Scandinavian Cal-look Classic is going to be a BLAST this year!

SCC has gone trough a couple of significant changes since 2007.
This year SCC will be standing on its own two feet! Once again filling Gardermoen International Raceway with ONLY hot VW´s!
For the first time SCC will be a three day event starting Friday 15th of August. The gate opens 14:00.
Another thing definitely worth noticing is that we have decided to appeal to a bigger audience in 2008. This year you will se everything from super clean original cars to rat looks, schwimmwagens to race cars.

Håkan, owner and driver of one of Sweden/The World´s fastest street-legal beetles accepts Richie Webb´s challenge and will arrive at this years SCC with his raceteam.
His Texas Brown 1954 oval window is ALL steel, original pan, front end and rear torsion bars. The 2789ccm Pauter cased engine features Scat flange-crank, Pauter rods, Autronic fuel injection, big bells and whistles! Weighing in at a whopping 950Kg the car´s best ET is 9,12/254kmh! Håkan is gunning for his first 8 second run this year.
Will we witness the world´s first 8 second pass for a original pan car at SCC?



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European BugIn #1 -Chimay, Belgium.

Hi all!

Thank you for a great event! So many cool cars at the same place... awesome!

Hope to see many of you at SCC!


Sorry about the slow updates.. aint got the time : /


Awesome line-up saturday night, one for the books!



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