Leif Nyström #1

This car belongs to Leif Nyström from Sweden. He ran this split-window at 8.73 on the 1/4 mile... Thats FAST!
Check out www.nystromracing.com

Engine specs:
2690cc type 1 engine
A-RPM 2-piece case with steel plates
Scat flanged 82mm stroke
Carrillo rods
Venolia 102.1mm pistons
Deutz or pauter cylinders
Roller cam and lifters
Pauter super pro heads with titanium valves,retainers. Vascojet springs
4x48mm Keihin MC carburators, blow-through set up
2 air/water intercoolers
Turbonetics T-serie ballbearing turbo.
Single wastegate 53mm titanium valve.
MSD 7AL2 ignition, billet distributor
Dry sump oil system
Runs on 98 oktan pump gas.

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