Gardermoen Raceway 25/26-6-05

Not much time for updates at the moment, but here's some info from RightOn-street challenge at a sunny and HOT Gardermoen Raceway this weekend. Uhh...My skin hurts....
For more pic's and videos:

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Finally.. some updates:-) I hope we will see you and your car SCC 2005! We could need some VW turbo powered help to kick some am-car asses.


Gepost door: BeetleBug | 28-06-05

AHHH.. THIS IS GOOOOOOOD NEWS!! Except for the fact that I hoped to borrow your slicks. Well, what the heck.... as long as they get burned :-)

Gepost door: BeetleBug | 29-06-05

Sorry, about that... hehe
But I cant just sit and look at you flying down the track all summer :)

See ya at SCC/Gardermoen! Race-Ready!

Gepost door: Kormi | 04-07-05

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