Sittn' On Chrome!

I've put together a little clip from a late summer gathering. Enjoy Ole's 62 mod 2275cc Nitrous do some hardcore burnouts.


Save as...

http://www.ideweb.com/Elever/3DDesign/Frode/ligan_low_res.mov  (23,5mb quicktime)


For player: http://www.quicktime.com

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Hot stuff!

If you're a fan of hot action race photos make sure you visit Freds blog and also check out his racing products.



A picture of VW Paradise ready to leave the line. Btw, want some BIG horsepower? Check out: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=250796

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It was time for rally!
A few friends and I took the Square for a spin at the first vw event of the year, Funrun. It was my first time at this event but what a blast! We where driving for about 4 hours and about 70% of the way sideways.
<- A picture from the first and not so heavy "crash"....
We had to do som tasks along the way and ended up in a final race on a field at a local farmer. We had allready been of the road later that day, so why not again!? After a few really scary rounds around the track we went off... MAN, we where stuck. But 8 brave men came to rescue. Thanks guys! It all resulted in a 2 place, and we where happy, and even more happy that the brave -68 Square brought us safe home! 

Thanks to the FunRun-gang for a great event!

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Happy New Year!

..from a cold and snowy Norway.
Anyone else heading for FunRun in the Hamar forest next weekend? My squareback is ready for some hard snowracing :)

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